DCC 101

What does DCC allow you to do:

  • Control multiple trains on the same track while independently controlling the speed & direction of each one
  • Control lights & sound on locomotives or rolling stock
  • Individually program each locomotive with acceleration & deceleration settings for increased realism
  • Remotely control turnouts, signals, building lights & other layout accessories

Cucamonga Trains carries a large selection of DCC related items by the following manufacturers:

  • Circuitron
  • MRC
  • NCE
  • Train Control Systems (TCS)

Equipment required to operate a DCC system:

  • Power supply (also called transformer) - to convert your home 120v AC current to DC current (and lowers to the correct voltage) used by the DCC components & accessories
  • Cab (also called throttle) - hand held device used to enter your commands to the system - can be connected by a wire or be wireless

Optional DCC equipment:

  • Command Station - to generate digital commands sent to locomotives & accessories.
  • Booster - to combine the command packets with the power & send to the track.
  • Mobile Decoders - receivers inside locomotives or rolling stock capable of interpreting the commands sent by the command station & controlling operation of the motor (& optionally lights and/or sound)
  • Accessory Decoders - capable of interpreting the commands sent by the command station & control the operation of turnouts & other accessories.
  • Detection Devices - capable of detecting the presence of locomotive and/or rolling stock on a particular section of track