Product Highlight - Woodland Scenics

Examples of Woodland Scenics® products

Cucamonga Trains carries over 800 Woodland Scenics items

and we continually add more products. Woodland Scenics is the industry standard in model scenery; manufacturing high quality, realistic scenery including buildings, figures, and landscaping. They also make materials, supplies and tools used to create great model train layouts plus many other uses where scale scenery is required.

You will find Woodland Scenics products in many different sections of our website: some of the items are specific to a particular scale such as buildings, tunnels, automobiles, people & animals while other items such as turf, soil, gravel, trees & foilage can be used and adapted to different scales.

Woodland Scenics SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System®:

An alternative to the traditional wood based layout, this revolutionary system consists of durable & lightweight foam components that can be easily shaped & molded to achieve the desired result. View the instructional video to see just how easy it is to create realistic & intracate layouts.

Click the link below to view all the SubTerrain products from Woodland Scenics including all the tools & materials required to create any layout imgaginable. There are also many instructional videos included on our product pages...enjoy!

There are many uses for Woodland Scenics® products:

  • Train layouts
  • Slot car layouts
  • Architectural models - used for landscaping
  • Real estate developers or cities - landscaping used in scale presentations of building projects
  • Dioramas - used to create realistic military and/or historical scenes. These can be created by hobbyists as well as used in museums, libraries or schools.
  • Dollhouse or collectible house display landscaping
  • Arts & crafts
  • School projects